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The Rich Niche
HUH! Rich Niche Who?

Well you know how there are real estate brokers who are trying to manage their office, conduct personal sales and recruit agents at the same time.

And because of that they experience overwhelm both personally and professionally.

Which makes them feel burned out and lacking the motivation to keep the momentum going in their office.

What we have done is created a 4-step process to align attract and recruit the right agents into their office so they can get their time with family back and revenue in their office up. 
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Written by Cheryl Spangler on January 17, 2019
OK, I haven't seen anyone ANYWHERE share this, and I HAVE TO SHARE!!!! because this shit is changing everything for me and... and it will for you too.
YOU will want to do this tonight for homework like I did a couple days ago when I heard it...
Written by Cheryl Spangler on June 21, 2019
Let's Do Something Meaningful  Over Coffee...
Written by Cheryl Spangler on January 1, 2019
You're probably here because you've asked if we can meet for coffee. It's usually a chance to ‘pick my brain', learn more about my services (either because you're interested in hiring me or referring me to others)...