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Rookie of the Year Basics!
There are only two reasons your not making money right now in real estate, you are either brand new or you don't know how to market!  This is just what you need.  Find out more about what it will take to get clarity on who you serve and begin building a business around it.  This is step one in real estate Biz Building.
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Top Agent Battleplans
Traveling around the world, interviewing top agents asking them one simple question:  What would you do if you lost everything and had to start over and only had a laptop, internet, no database and 6 months to become profitable.  How would you do it? step by step tell me? Here you will find those battleplans.
Health & Mindset
stay fit & lean while selling
As a former Pro Bikini Competitor for the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) and current IFBB member, I definitely know what it takes to get that last 10 lbs off.  However, with lots of computer work, late nights and weird hours selling real estate...staying fit and lean takes work..I share 5 SECRETS!
remove limited beliefs
Everything in our lives, our relationships, our business, our visions for the future all start with our belief that it is possible!  As a Reiki Master, certified in TM (Transcendental Meditation, and a student of all spiritual thought leaders, my goal is to help entrepreneurs remove limited beliefs around success and money
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If you are looking for someone to speak on the topics of female entrepreneurship, mindset, goal setting, marketing with stories, marketing with sales funnels, balancing a career as a single mom, using video to market yourself, company or brand or how to start over after massive failure...let's talk.
Real Estate Income Funnels
The "online" Agent
The Starter Funnel Package.  The three funnels every agent needs if you plan to be in business in the near or far future.  Real Estate will always need you, but you need to do business differently to stay around.  Find out what it will take to get online in 2019+ and what kind of support you can expect with the "Online Agent"
The "social pro" Agent
The Next Level Agent Funnel Package.  The social pro is where you do more than just get online, you begin to master the social world of online funnels.  Five funnels pre-built for you and the proper support and easy training to understand how to implement.  Get online, become a social pro, claim your market area now!
The "dominator" Agent
The Dominator Funnel Package.  You are online, you are on social but you need to take over your area, "take no prisoners" and let the competition fall out.  It's important to know that there is enough business to go around, but this package is for those ready to build, grow, collect income and take vacation!
build your dream team
Attract the right Assistant
You are overwhelmed, building a real estate team, growing your brokerage, need a virtual assistant, transaction coordinator, showing agent, life assistant, food assistant, personal chef, these funnels will attract the RIGHT people to you instantly and help you run your business free from distraction!
Attract buyer agents
For every buyer agent, there is a happy homeowner!  Because if it weren't for buyer agents, no one would show homes.  The absolute best feeling in the world is being able to find the perfect home in a short amount of time, getting to closing. Knowing how to ask the right questions is key.  Find the best here..
attract listing agents
To truly grow a team, it starts with more listings and only then you will begin to own the market.  Finding the right listing agent to level-up WITH you in your business means digging deep for intuitive, lead generating closers who know how to market and delegate. Find your needle in a haystack attracting listing agents.
recruiting agent funnels
Attract New Agents
Every good brokerage has a variety of agents at all levels, but NEW agents, wow they are hungry, inspiring, confident, willing to work and ready to close deals.  Having new agents in an office actually inspires seasoned agents to do better.  Attract "Rookie of the Year" agents who are newly licensed here.
Attract Agents who Cap
The first question every broker gets asked is "what is the cap?" well not always, but YES!   And so every office needs capping agents that can learn to grow and prosper, but first they need the training and mentor-ship that is required.  Attract agents with these high converting funnels and watch them catapult your office.
Attract Power Agents
When an agent is closing over 10mil two things are happening, 1.they know how to generate leads 2. they know how to create a system to handle those leads. These agents will motivate and grow your office more than anything AND be there to help you mentor others. Advanced funnels to attract advanced agents.
Attract take mega  agents
Power agents!  you know them because they are closing either high end properties or large quantity (40+ deals) per year.  They may demand more from your office and from you as a broker but the listing inventory will be worth it. Power agents need something very important though...find out here!
attract agent teams
Agent teams are the bomb, they not only support some flailing agents in the office by bringing them in as buyer agents but they are in most cases autonomous to the office and manage their own people which takes a load off you as broker while offering closing after closing helping you grow. Advanced agent team funnels. 
attract small brokerages
If you are a broker, a manager or in a real  estate company where residuals could literally change your entire life! This package is for you.  Pre-built recruiting funnels.  10 years of recruiting over 300 agents in three different brokerage, re-engineered into highly converting funnels, let's start changing lives.
attract medium brokerages
Brokerages with 15-50 agents need three things.  These three very important things are what keeps their agents happy, growing and closing deals.  Attracting and converting medium sized brokerages to your office is not the same as speaking to a one stop shop broker who decides to join you. Get the BEST of broker funnels.
attract large/franchises
What if you didn't have to eat so much rubber chicken, lunch after lunch trying to convince other franchise owners that they would be best served under the umbrella of your company.  What if you could launch a sales campaign that would walk them through the answers to all their questions and pain points. Right here!
something custom? let's talk
Are you recruiting people other than real estate agents and need sales funnels that work.  Maybe you are recruiting lenders, title personnel, partners...whatever the need is for you to recruit...we can find a solution and it will be automated, scouring the internet, attracting them, putting into a list so you can...HIRE!
train & high end strategy
Hire Me To train your agents
Using sales funnels to attract buyers, sellers, more agents and even your own staff is great! but what if you could have someone come into your office for two days and teach your agents how to create the most advanced and powerful sales funnels available today, a skill that can benefit them for life and your brokerage.
Hire Me To train your staff
Tired of relying on your agents to do all the work, expecting them to help buyers, list homes, create sales funnels, wearing even one more hat than they already do?? Invite me in to train your hand picked staff to learn advanced marketing and sales funnel techniques that will guarantee your office gets leads to share.
high end coaching strategy
You own a business, you need help and you are BUSY!  The story ends here!  Hire me to create your entire sales funnel strategy (A-Z) from concept, identification of needs, setup, configuration, creation, implementation and testing...GET RESULTS! Get the process documented and video training on the final product.
"Real Estate Agents Are The Positive Source Of Guiding Customers Through The Journey Of Home-ownership And Profit And Always Will Be"
~ Cheryl Spangler
Hi, I'm Cheryl Spangler.
Marketing Strategist For Real Estate Agents and Brokers.
The Life we want, relationships we desire, dreams we have for ourselves and our families are fueled by the real estate business we build. 
Helping Real Estate Agents & Brokers
I'm also the real estate industry's foremost expert on niche marketing for real estate entrepreneurs.
I have this online course called How to Build a Profitable and Sustainable Real Estate Business which debuted in Fall of 2018...and now I mentor on how to create sales funnels to fuel your world.
"Thank you for connecting with me and others in the community, real estate agents who know they need to embrace this new way of doing real estate and know that having a support group to help understand it all is a MUST!" YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
- Cheryl Spangler, Real Estate Broker, Mindset Coach, Mentor and overall just trying to make a difference in the lives of those I meet!
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
"I have often said in my seminars, If it is not my GENIUS - it is not my job! These programs introduce you to the genius of Cheryl Spangler, making the complex simple.  Cheryl takes the sometimes complicated world of real estate and makes it simple for you to understand."
- Barry Spilchuk, Coauthor "A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Cancer Dance"
I have a confession to make:
For years, I was going about running my real estate business entirely the wrong way.
Let me break this down for you:
When you start a real estate business there is a typical path real estate agents follow:
First, you get your real estate license and hook up with a real estate brokerage.
You will get familiar with forms, the process of helping people buy and sell (maybe) and start prospecting.
Then you have a choice to make.
You are contacted by every vendor known to man, your broker, your real estate friends (i.e. other agents who think they have this all locked down) and everyone is telling you the best way to prospect for new clients so you never have to worry about where your next lead is coming from.  What do you choose?

Most ambitious real estate agents will choose one of three main paths:
1. "Cold Calling" Strategy
You sign up with REDX or Coles Directory or some other vendor and start dialing for dollars.
You make time each day to call people and after the first week (if you last that long) your two hours of prospecting turns to one hour, 100-200 people called each session and only a few people said yes, but at least you have a few to followup with.

On the days you aren't calling you are sending hand written thank you cards to those that said "yes, maybe, call me back another time" and researching values so you can send out unsolicited market evaluations in hopes of showing more value than the last agent.
  •  With this method, leads are on the defensive typically controlling the situation by asking you more questions then you can ask them.  A good listener agent typically wins this and turns the conversation around with open ended questions that builds rapport.  The downfall is the agent calling must have a diligent followup plan or that will be the only time they ever talk with the potential client again. This method does work for some people who make it their mission to keep going.
  •   You must have thick skin, a die hard time blocking plan and never give up to get through all the "NO's" and be able to actually followup with those that say yes. 
  •  There is way more effort in this prospecting strategy put out by you including time blocking, calling, followup, note cards, market evaluations and the listing appointment itself.  That is just week one!
2. "Door Knocking" Strategy
Established agents are doing it and you need face time so you decide to walk for leads.
You are told that getting face time with clients is absolutely necessary (which it is) so how bad could it be to walk some neighborhoods to see if a homeowner wants to sell their home.

You will block off time, walk consistently and come up with a script that works (like the one I used here). There's no waiting period here, they can't hang up on you and you actually meet some great people, some of which actually want to sell some day soon.
  •  With this method, you actually get more leads than calling people for sure, you find out what is going on in the community, you notate things people do, what they say and how you might be able to help them when you get back to your computer.  Getting listings is possible and more likely in less time.  You typically can knock 40 doors in two and a half hours and with good results.
  •  You serve your audience on a more regular basis and actually use a map to keep track of what homes are next and who you already visited.  You must, I repeat, you must followup or all the effort will be lost and you will have to start over.
  •   You must have thick skin, a die hard time blocking plan and never give up to get through all the "NO's" and be able to actually followup with those that say yes. 
  •  There is way more effort in this prospecting strategy put out by you including time blocking to walk around, calling back those that were somewhat interested, followup, note cards, market evaluations and the listing appointment itself.  This method is very time consuming from beginning to end and leverages no one but you in the process.
3. "Farming / Mailer" Strategy
Direct mail, this has stood the test of time for marketing strategies, you jump in the game.
When you get licensed and even years after, farming is one of those methods of prospecting that takes time, you need to be consistent and if you keep at it, one day you will undoubtedly get a phone call.  I can guarantee that if you never give up, you will get business by using this method.

You will pick a community, hopefully sticking to around four hundred homes or less to start with and you begin the process of deciding what you will send out, creating it, printing it, putting it in envelopes and stamping it (regular stamps with the help of your kids OR bulk rate stamp from the USPS)  
  •  With this method you get to do most of the work from your home or office, putting together the content, the addresses and getting it out the door and depending on how many you send, you just sit back and wait for the phone to ring with listings. (extremely passive way of doing real estate)
  •  After a couple mailings, you begin to get creative since it didn't quite work out like you expected, you try every possible way to get someone to contact you back and eventually when you stay "true" and never give up, homeowners keep your mailing stuck to their refrigerator (maybe) and call you one day.  This method still works if you are regularly mailing and consistent ..check out my interview with Vincent Arcuri, power agent for 30+ years in Tampa, Florida who ROCKS the farming method due to his consistency.
  •  There is a trend with homeowners and their current attention span for online marketing, and this trickles over to direct mail advertising that comes into their mailbox.  Most of it usually hits the trashcan before they get to read it. I myself pick up my mail and if it isn't a bill I trash it without even opening it, immediately. 
  •  The cost of stamps are continually going up, the rise in foreclosures and short sales over the years are leaving many homes without owners and renters are keeping their mailing address as a UPS box or similar these days. The concept of direct mail definitely works, call to action directing them to do something, primarily something that will allow you to get their email address.  However, reaching homeowners via regular snail mail is getting more challenging and almost not productive.
None of these strategies are 100% perfect.
With advantages and disadvantages to all three, which one is the better choice?

And what about another option, one that incorporates a direct mail approach with the feel of face to face communication while also making it seemingly impossible for the customer to resist starting the conversation with you first
These are the questions I found myself asking in 2009 when looking for a solution to fill in the areas of my business that were losing money (i.e. I mean large amounts of profit down the drain...because there wasn't enough time, energy or proper resources setup to to maximize business momentum and have a phone-free family life.)
After the initial real estate boom of 2002-2006 when homes were literally selling before the sign went in the yard, multiple offers were common on every single listing and escalation clauses became a norm...and then BAMMMM!! the market started a downward spiral toward rock bottom along with my own personal financial security.
I chose option #3, at first, the "Farming/Mailer" Strategy, for getting leads in my real estate business.
I wanted a steady stream of leads and I was a persistent person who definitely never gives up so I decided to hire a mentor who specialized in short sales out of Austin, TX and cloned their super successful system for Northern Virginia and titled it "Virginia's Home Rescue".  I was the real estate agent that quickly took over the short sale market in my area by specializing.

At first when I started I got nowhere! 100-500 mailers every month to people's names and addresses I had purchased from a third party service and not one call back.  I changed my graphics, my calls to action, my direct marketing efforts over and over and after about five months I got a call.  I made a note of what card was sent to receive that call and started sending more like it. 
For four years, I put my heart and soul into helping homeowners short sale their homes, coming up with systems and processes that rocked any other agent out there.  I worked more hours every week, closed more deals in that niche and becoming #1 in my market, #10 in the state and the top 1% in sales worldwide.
Sending out about 500 mailers per month at this point and receiving about 5-7 new listings each month was drying up.  People stopped responding to the letters, postcards and direct mail of all kinds.  I started reaching out to attorneys, accountants, anyone who could refer me business in this area.  I made myself known as the go-to agent for short sales among my peers in the business and they began using me for their personal homes, since their business was totally drying up.  

All this sounds good right?  I was constantly chasing the leads, earning 2.5%- in some cases after all the fees were paid.  I had mastered how to have conversations with homeowners and because of that, I was sometimes the only one who could go to the first and second appointment.  

After all, this niche market segment was touchy and one in which I had to keep private financials secure and in safe keeping and was doing activities including:
  •  Consistent Visits for Private Consultations.
  • Homeowner Interviews
  • Non-stop phone calls to banks for updates.
  • Networking with banks to keep good relations.
  • Researching and keeping up on short sales process changes.
  •  Working with people who literally wanted to skip out on the entire deal and not pay anyone at the end sometimes.
Then I had to put in even more hours into leading homeowners through the complicated sale via:
  • Phone Call Chats more than once a week.
  • Credit Repair
  • Email Correspondence and putting out fires.
I was tired of hustling so hard to make a lessor commission in a longer period of time (average 3-6 months before short sales closed)
Do you ever feel like when it comes to helping people Buy or Sell real estate?
No one can serve your clients like you can and so you take every appointment where the customer first meets you and you lock them in by building massive rapport quickly.

Unfortunately, by doing it like this, it will take you many years to scale your real state business to a freedom filled, wealth building money machine.

And even if I wanted to hustle harder at the time, I just didn't have any more hours in the day to give.

What I really needed was 100 "Cheryl's", but hiring a bunch of buyer agents wasn't an option at the time.

But I didn't want to refer the business out.

I knew that the business of short sales is so time-intensive and risky for agents and homeowners, that the service would be effected if I hired out.

Four years after working non-stop doing short sales, I was burned out and looking for a sustainable solution to grow my real estate business without sacrificing the personal  touch I gave each and every client that practically guaranteed the sale would move forward.
That is when I came to realize
If I wanted to scale my real estate business, I needed to master online marketing and automate the three areas of my business that were currently sucking me dry and creating unnecessary limits to my income.
online marketing which could leverage both the ability to instantly connect with people personally and the need to be in more than one place at the same time.
and which could take me out of the equation, so my income wasn't tied to the hours I worked.
I needed to figure out how to create an online lead generating and selling machine that:
  • Would work well in conjunction with paid traffic so I could greatly increase my incoming leads and reduce my time spent prospecting that produced little to average results. 
  •  Would lead the prospect to the decision of buying and selling through an automatic process (but personal) and could therefore reduce my time spent closing them on their initial objections. 
  • Would allow me to make more sales consistently, get more ratified contracts because all the objections were answered and worked through without much effort on my part in person but with complete satisfaction in the customers eyes.
  •  Would STOP my potential customer in their tracks as they scroll through the hectic and chaotic online world of social know, the noise that most people just plain tune out.  But not my content, they would stop instantly, read, watch, listen, stuck to what I was offering and convert them to ACT, get approved and use me for their purchase or sale. 
That seems like a lot to ask, but eventually I learned:
Real Estate Sales Funnels Are The Answer!
I'd heard all the online marketing gurus tell me to do sales funnels and automation for years.
And you know what? They were right.
They were telling me then what i'm telling you now:
A Real Estate Sales Funnel is a niche specific, automated online lead generator, a way to automate your followup in a unique way that keeps your customers referring you business without you having to ask for it and finally a way to automatically collect and post client reviews (social proof) - the online real estate agent's new currency.

by combining the connection and conversation you offer in person when you first meet a new customer with the high-converting power moves equal to having someone call, write hand written note cards and handle objections effectively until the buyer or seller is SO Comfortable with you they call you immediately to take action.
Ok, so what does that really mean?
A real estate sales funnel is basically a customer journey with direction orchestrated by you that sells the customer every step of the way and handles their objections with simple, easy to process answers that leave them more than satisfied to move forward.
- and it has all the features required to do it effectively and scale without limits.
A new lead will opt-in to your lead page/landing page/web page (all the same thing), learn about your value through a series of landing pages, videos, opt-in's and/or email campaigns that walk your customers (your buyer and seller) through their journey to home ownership or making the decision to sell their home...and then they will want you to contact them and willingly give their email or phone number because your value is so far above your competition and they know it!
Real Estate Sales Funnel by Cheryl Spangler
In a real estate sales funnel, you can:
  • Sell yourself and your services to multiple buyer and seller leads at once because the landing pages, videos, audio, content and the way it is presented to buyers and sellers can handle large quantities of traffic from paid sources.
  • Lead the prospect to the decision of buying and selling through an automatic process (but personal) and can therefore reduce your time spent closing them on their initial objections. 
  • Offer your potential customer more value than they have ever received before, will ever receive or even expect from this virtual real estate world and blow them away.  All this, making it easier to get more leads, make more sales, ratify more contracts and have more time with your family and friends.
  •  Target mass amounts of buyers and sellers that you would never have the opportunity to reach otherwise, but in a very micro-managed way in which you know exactly who will be calling you and what service they need, NOW!
I knew a real estate sales funnel was going to take my business to the next level.
There was just one little problem.
I couldn't figure real estate sales funnels out.
And it's not that I didn't try.
I really, really did - over and over again, but with no success.
Ever feel like that?
Like there's this strategy or tactic all the "big names" out there are using successfully, but you're just not sure how to make it work for you? 
That's exactly how I felt about real estate sales funnels.
It really had nothing to do with my abilities as a real estate agent or my love for real estate in general and the ability to serve my market.
Even my love for technology and creating landing pages was practically mastered.
It was the tech, getting the pieces to work, understanding the funnel and it's strategy within real estate that wasn't working.
  •   Complicated Software: I bought all the programs offered throughout the years by those that claimed it was "easy", one stop shop, integrates with everything, one click, turn-key solution, we do it for you, it comes with everything. It either ended up costing too much money to keep up, had one thousand additional programs to integrate with or I just didn't have the right systems in place let alone anything automated.
  •    Ineffective Funnel: First of all I didn't even know the word funnel, I called it a landing page (which is not quite the same thing...stay with me I will explain).  A Funnel is a process that truly walks your potential client through the journey of getting to purchase or sell a home, but in a way that creates desire to work with you, establishing rapport digitally and builds their trust in you as the Real Estate Agent.
  •    Unsuccessful Overall Strategy:  It takes more than just throwing up a landing page asking someone to find out what their home is worth to convince them to use you to sell their home.  It takes more than just setting up an MLS IDX DATA on your website to convince a buyer to call you to purchase. I needed to create massive value in the eyes of my customer, urgency, scarcity and the feeling that if they didn't call me, they would miss out, lose the home of their dreams or not have the most qualified agent to help them.  I needed them to understand why I was so amazing and that there was no question on why they would want to use me as their agent
But in 2016 - that all changed.
I was shown the 'secret sauce' by millionaires who used sales funnels to create their wealth in real estate. some cases this secret sauce I discovered came from millionaires who did NOT sell real estate but this same method can absolutely be used for our industry.
Before you ask, the answer is yes, I am being 100% serious.
Put a Shark in Your Tank Featuring Cheryl Spangler
In 2016, world-famous entrepreneur and businessman and founder of "As Seen On TV" and the hit TV Show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, asked me to collaborate and co-write his book "Put a Shark In Your Tank"
Real Estate Agents who are familiar with my content, my books and my online education might already know how I have re-invented myself over and over in this industry and breaking into new markets is my "thang" so I turned all of my knowledge at the time and thinking about what I wish someone would have told me from day one, into a course. 
as part of that project and in creating this course,
I share private content and interviews from the last 18+ years actively working in the business of real estate, recruiting and interviewing agents and top brokers around the world about exactly how they achieved their success, including a deep behind the scenes look at their detailed plan that would get them back to success if they lost it all.
what I found wasn't really surprising:
Even the millionaire real estate agents had not tapped into the automation that I was about to launch in my own business..but they did desperately need it!
What I learned from other super successful industries who were crushing leads, followup and social proof is this:
They were all using the same automated sales funnel systems that I had never seen taught anywhere else, especially in the real estate industry!
So, I did what any good real estate entrepreneur does when they encounter people successfully doing what they want to do:
"Now Cheryl, she is a niche marketing genius, and knows first hand what it will take to build or RE-BUILD your business regardless of where you live or what economy we are in. But what really sets her apart is how she simplifies the process of building a business while at the same time creating a community of like-minded people supporting and encouraging massive growth from within.  Her leadership, courses and delivery methods on and off line speak for themselves, helping thousands of real estate professionals and business owners grow their business and their minds."
- Kevin Harrington, Founder of As Seen On TV and the Hit TV Show Shark Tank, a Famous Entrepreneur and Business Man.
I modeled what the millionaires were doing.
I studied and dissected exactly how they were setting up their sales funnels.
  • What was their overall sales strategy?
  • What technology systems did they use?
  • How did they incorporate urgency and scarcity into their sales funnel and how could I do that with real estate?
  • What AD copy hooked them, what stories connected with them and what offers of value kept them coming back.
  • What did their pages look like and how many were there?
  • How did they retarget those who were not interested and for the real estate industry how I could use their techniques to retarget buyers and sellers who at first just choose to sit on the sidelines but through these techniques convert them to "NOW" buyers and sellers?
I learned, implemented, tested and tweaked until I had found the formula - and could replicate it!
...and let me tell you something:
There are 2 reasons I couldn't make online lead generation work for me before!
(and they're probably the same reasons you can't make getting online lead generation work for you now.)
#1: The way I thought online lead generation had to be done was totally wrong!
  •  You DON'T need to purchase an expensive lead system or software program.
  •  You DON'T need to pay a large entity for leads like Zillow, or any other company for that matter.
  •  You DON'T need to cold call online leads where they ask "why you are calling" anymore.
  •  You DON'T need to sit around in your car all day like "uber" for real estate waiting for an online lead to call and you jump to show them a home with them knowing nothing about you.
Here's the truth about those lead generation systems and tactics:
  •  They don't inherently play nice with your existing customer relationship system (CRM).
When you decide to sign up with a lead system online, one that you don't own, you are giving up all rights to that buyer or seller unless you port those leads into your own system, which means you now have duplicated systems you need to keep track of.

You have to piece meal all the software programs you have together in order to receive the lead, followup with the lead, email broadcast the lead in a group you create, later as they are in different stages of their buying and selling process.  Even when the lead is interested an dyou manage to get that contact name and information into your own system, they seem to go back to the place they first originated when they are looking for more information.  

You want your leads to FIRST, notice you, your offer, your value, your specialty and then read on to find out things that you provide, the very things they need are literally sitting in front of them on the screen and they want your help.  You want to have full control over getting the lead, nurturing the lead, following up and then helping the customer purchase or sell.  You want all this integrated into an automatic process, where you can communicate with them through your social media, your facebook messenger, your email broadcast.  When it's all said and done, those real estate agents who own the list own the business and gain more profit. 
  •  Their #1 Selling point is quantity over quality
It's a rare occasion where you purchase a lead from a third party entity and when it comes to your email, you are the only real estate agent that lead is hearing from when you call back.  No matter what you are told or sold that lead is getting called by a minimum of 3 to 5 real estate agents within minutes of filling out a lead form online.

Not to mention there is nothing unique about you when you return the call, the customer does not even know your name, what area you service, what your specialty is and therefore there is no value, no trust built and converting that lead is much more challenging.  

So why continue to pay for leads that other agents are receiving at the same time, systems that don't work seamlessly together and lists that you don't even own.
You DON'T need to purchase any expensive third party lead system like the ones listed below:
  •  Zillow Premier Leads
  • Leads
  •  Home Gain Leads
  •  Market Leader
  •  Prospect Now Leads
  •  REfindly leads
  •  US Probate Leads
  •  Zbuyer leads
  •  KVCore Lead system
  •  Trulia Online Lead 
  •  REO Companies offering leads
  •  Inbox Real Estate Leads
  •  Broker Agent 360
  •  Qazzoo leads
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You CAN use the landing page / sales funnel software you already have!
  •  Clickfunnels
  •  Lead Pages
  • BuilderaAll
  • Unbounce
  • Instapage
  • ...and any other !
#2: There is a lot the other "online lead generation" programs aren't telling!
  •  Your so called leads were being farmed out to multiple agents while all agents were paying in some cases the same amount of money for "exclusivity"
  • The leads you are receiving are actually coming from your own listings but since you don't have a method to collect those leads otherwise, you find yourself willing to pay someone else who does.
  •  Most of the leads you are buying are not even looking for a home to purchase, they are wanting to refinance or rent.
  •  It's not just a numbers game anymore, you need to actually provide high levels of value and differentiate yourself to gain the quality customers you want.
I didn't develop any new system alone.
I didn't create a proprietary, never-before-seen online marketing technique.
I just deconstructed what was already working for online sales funnel millionaires, got results for myself - and formulated it for you!
Once I 'cracked the code', I implemented it into my own real estate business, generating leads, automated followup and automatically collecting client reviews that created massive social proof of my value and services.
Within just 30 days of implementing my client review funnel I received over 50 client reviews from clients who for years were silent!  Social proof is the new currency for real estate professionals and without this, the future referrals will be grim for the offline agent.
And that's without any ad spend whatsoever...and for every client review I received, I created an email campaign around getting more listings the social proof provided me! Not to mention the additional reviews on my social sites increased engagement with potential customers and rankings with no additional money out of pocket to obtain it.
Finally, I can utilize automated sales funnels in my real estate business in a way that allows me to scale SMART without the need to work longer hours,grinding away with no time for vacations, family or health.
And I'm excited to bring that process to you!
"Cheryl Spangler has the experience and expertise to serve today's current market and teach others how to do the same.  To have the opportunity to learn form an expert while we are living in this Real Estate climate is like keeping a mentor in your pocket"
- Tami Bonnell, CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International
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